Aaron and Megan’s Giant’s Ridge Wedding

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Wedding Wishes

As you ready your boat in the morning dew
Let us offer our wish this day for you
May the fish be many and the mosquitos be few
May you follow the clouds and you compass be true
May the portage ahead be flat and dry
May your packs be light and your spirits stay high
May the tailing winds make your traveling easy
May your paddles be stout when the seas get breezy
May your campfire glow with the setting sun
And, may the loons sing you asleep when the day is done.

-Father of the Bride

“Completely and forever.”

A little bubbly to start the morning right.

It’s dress time.

Megan’s first look with her father.

Her Vows

The bridal party.

Aaron and Megan, along with their parents, created a Unity Vase that would later be fused.

Relationship Goals

The lift wasn’t operating but the colors were on point.

A little behind the scenes.

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake!

Aaron officially joined the red suspender club.

The first dances.

Venue – Giant’s Ridge

Nick and Natalie’s Island Wedding

City: Cook, MN Venue:

Hidden in Minnesota’s Northwoods is a secluded island bursting with colors, falling leaves, and young love. Nick and Natalie were always planning a small weekend-long celebration with their closest friends and friends. They had Ludlow’s Island nearly to themselves, a private getaway far from anything “2020,” and run strictly on island time. The ceremony, performed by a friend, was followed by dinner, drinks (beer pong), and a bonfire. No dancing at this party- instead, Nick and Natalie hauled a small Bluetooth speaker to the far side of the island and shared a private dance all to themselves.

Ludlow’s Island Resort on Lake Vermilion

Nick’s ring is a family heirloom, check out those dates. 9-26-87, 12-25-03, and now 9-26-20

Natalie’s sister and aunts help with the finishing touches.

Letters will always be a treasured wedding gift.

The first look.

Nick and Natalie

The ceremony at Ludlow’s Resort officiated by Nick and Natalie’s friend.

The wedding party is ready to party.

The only way to Ludlow’s Island Resort is by water taxi.

Nick and Natalie skipped the traditional first dance and had a private dance on the shoreline.

Venue – Ludlow’s Island Resort

Jesse and Natalie’s Cathedral Wedding

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This is Jesse and Natalie story as told on The Knot, why rewrite history when you can hear it directly from them. I do however want to add that Jesse and Natalie boycotted the traditional “glass clinking” at the reception and instead asked for donations that would be split between the MN ALS Association and Parkinson’s Foundation. With that simple twist of the tradition, they raised hundreds of dollars for their favorite charities!

Thanks to Toby Keith and String Cheese, Here We Are

It all started on October 18th, 2014. Earlier that year, Natalie made the big move from Duluth to begin her career at the Best Buy Corporate Campus while I was in my third year working at SPS Commerce in Minneapolis. Natalie was out with a few of her girlfriends and I was hanging out with my brother Jake and a few childhood friends. Thankfully, both groups decided to go to Toby Keith’s Bar & Grill (no longer in business, RIP) to have a few adult beverages and enjoy some live music. A few of ‘Natalie’s Crew’ and a couple of my freinds found each other and started chatting just as the live band started to wind down their set. My friends invited the crew back to my house to continue the party. Natalie has always known the importance of greeting and thanking the host and, although I was unaware of having a post-bar party that time, it was the best thing that ever happened to me. Natalie reached out, shook me hand, and the rest was history.

We quickly bonded over our love for string cheese (see full story below), how great “Timber” by Ke$ha was, and the prospects of the Minnesota Wild that year. As the ‘Natalie Crew’ was starting to leave, I mustered the courage to ask for Natalie’s phone number which, I’m sure Natalie will attest to, was done in a very manly, suave way. The next morning, I tried to play it cool, waiting to reach out to Natalie, trying to hide my eagerness to get to know the beautiful gal I’d met the night before. I ended up asking Natalie if she’d like to meet again in the next couple of days, but it failed. Not once, not twice, but three times Natalie declined and was playing hard to get. Either my Irish charm started to chip away at Natalie, or she just started to feel bad for the desperate sucker who couldn’t stop texting her, but she finally accepted. Since then, if it wasn’t for work-related trips, Natalie and I haven’t been separated for more than two days at a time. Most nights you can find us binge-watching crime TV shows on Netflix, having our Wednesday-pizza-and-Survivor nights, finding a new sushi place (or Crave for the 8 millionth time) to appease Natalie’s cravings, attending a $5 movie night at the local theatre, playing softball, or attending a Wild game. We also absolutely love to travel, and eat our way around the country and world – we’ve been to both New Orleans and Dallas in 2015, Cabo San Lucas and Orlando in 2016 and London & Scotland in 2017. On the docket for 2018 is a trip to Ohio, then a multi-country cruise in early 2019!

Who knows if fate is real or if there is only one person made for each of us – I suppose we’ll never know – but how else would people from opposite ends of the state meet and fall in love despite no mutual connections? Although Natalie might be a little disappointed she didn’t end up marrying a Johnnie, I’d like to think that she is grateful for finding her Maverick!

It’s Really a Cheesy Story…

When a friend of mine wanted to continue her Saturday night at a friend’s house, I had no idea how badly I would need food. Shortly after clambering out of the taxi, I was greeted at the door of a white rambler in the heart of St. Louis Park.

“Hi,” he said, “I’m Jesse.”

“I’m Natalie,” I replied, “Nice to meet you. Do you have any food?” (I’m convinced it was right there he fell in love with me, but the verdict is still out on that.)

We walked into the kitchen and as Jesse was looking around for food (literally anything that didn’t require an egg or a pound of ground beef) I snuck into the refrigerator and found a lone string cheese. It was over that chunk of mozzarella, as I was sitting on his counter-top, that our love story began.
From our very first date (which consisted of donating turkeys to a food shelter), we bonded over giving back to the community. Both together and separately, we’ve delved into fostering dogs, raising money for ALS research, donating toys and stuffed animals during the holiday season, building homes through Habitat for Humanity, and supporting our local community through Rotary.

Jesse is the most generous person I’ve ever met. Not only with the time he donates and dedicates to others, but also the effort he puts into keeping our relationship fresh and fun. I’m so blessed to have found my partner in crime and can’t wait to marry him.

To the man who always lets me have the last brownie and is the first to pour me a “Natalie” drink, I’ll meet you at the altar.

The Cathedral where Jesse and Natalie married.

Fall colors in full effect at Cathedral of Our Lady of the Rosary.

Jesse and Natalie's wedding details.

“Love you more.”

Natalie getting ready at the cathedral.

Natalie’s something borrowed also happened to be old and blue. It was a gift from her father to her mother when she was born.

Natalie's first look with dad.

Natalie’s first look with her father and grandma.

Natalie's bridal photos.

A stunning bride.

The bridal party.

Jesse and Natalie’s wedding party looking fine.

Jesse and Natalie's wedding pics.

Jesse and Natalie spent 1,425 days together, all leading up to this point.

Bride and Groom photos.

The sun broke through the clouds with impeccable timing.

Jesse and Natalie at Enger Tower.


Cake cutting photos.

High fives for Strawberry cheesecake.

Jesse and Natalie's first dance photos.

The first dances at Greysolon Ballroom.

Ceremony – Greysolon Ballroom
Reception – Greysolon Ballroom
Entertainment – Sounds Unlimited
Photo Booth – Duluth Photo Booth
Flowers – Engwalls
Reception Benefactor – MN ALS Association
Reception Benefactor – MN Parkinson’s Foundation

John and Sheila’s Lake Superior Wedding

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John and Sheila love the active outdoor lifestyle, so it’s only fitting they shared a destination wedding within earshot of Lake Superior’s crashing waves. It was an intimate outdoor wedding ceremony at Lutsen Resort in Tofte with their closest friends and family. And later in the week, they will be hosting a larger reception closer to home for everyone to share in their love.

May you two always walk hand in had whenever your journey leads and continue living, learning, laughing and loving together forever.


John and Sheila's wedding details.

Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior.

John and Sheila getting ready.

Getting ready.

John and Sheila's first look.

John and Sheila’s first look on the covered bridge.

John and Sheila

Waiting out the drizzle!

Photos of John and Sheila.

All smiles.

John and Sheila on the beach.

John and Sheila walking along the great Gitche Gumee.

Bridal party photos.

The wedding party.

The wedding ceremony.

John and Shelia’s ceremony overlooking Lake Superior.

Venue – Lutsen Resort
Officiant – Rev. Timothy Young

Nelson and Maki’s Homecoming

City: All Photography

Tonight Nelson and Maki will sleep in a bed that they can call their own surrounded by a family that loves them. An Haitian adoption story.

Nearly two years ago Jacob and Kate visited Haiti on a mission trip and fell in love with an orphan named Maki. After their second trip to visit Maki the blessing continued as they met another young boy named Nelson. There have been trials along the way, countless miles traveled, mountains of paperworks, and patience reserved only for saints but tonight Nelson and Maki will sleep in a bed that they can call their own surrounded by a family that loves them.


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