Aaron and Megan’s Giant’s Ridge Wedding

City: All Photography, City: Biwabik, MN Venue:

Wedding Wishes

As you ready your boat in the morning dew
Let us offer our wish this day for you
May the fish be many and the mosquitos be few
May you follow the clouds and you compass be true
May the portage ahead be flat and dry
May your packs be light and your spirits stay high
May the tailing winds make your traveling easy
May your paddles be stout when the seas get breezy
May your campfire glow with the setting sun
And, may the loons sing you asleep when the day is done.

-Father of the Bride

“Completely and forever.”

A little bubbly to start the morning right.

It’s dress time.

Megan’s first look with her father.

Her Vows

The bridal party.

Aaron and Megan, along with their parents, created a Unity Vase that would later be fused.

Relationship Goals

The lift wasn’t operating but the colors were on point.

A little behind the scenes.

Who doesn’t love a good cupcake!

Aaron officially joined the red suspender club.

The first dances.

Venue – Giant’s Ridge