Dave and Holly’s Engagement Photos

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Holly decided the day she met Dave that he was The One. Four years later, they are planning a modern Northwoods party, and I am so excited to be joining them next summer at Lutsen Resort on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It’s going to be a day to remember.

When did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Dave?
Holly: “The day I met him!”

Dave and Holly scored the last of the peak fall colors at Bagley Nature Area.

Dave confessed to sometimes walking off the previous night at Bagley during his tenure at UMD. Years later, it would be with the love of his life.

Dave and Holly

Those lashes.

Seven Bridges Road and Brighton Beach

Nick and Kyla’s Park Point Engagement Pics

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

When Kyla first met Nick, he was so kind and thoughtful; she thought that his girlfriend was such a lucky lady! Kyla was shocked to hear that Nick didn’t have a girlfriend but later realized this was probably due to his absurd love of hunting and fishing.

When Nick first met Kyla, he was intrigued because she was beautiful, funny, and, most importantly, ruthless on the hockey rink. He knew she was the one because she was the perfect blend of confident, independent, humorous, and caring. Plus, she has top-notch skills in the kitchen.

They were always meant for each other, and that feeling grows stronger with every day spent together.

Lady in red.

Nick and Kyla look great, but Reggie stole the show.

10 years together and counting.

Back to the scene of the crime near where Nick proposed. This time there wasn’t a -30 windchill.

Better together.

Makeup Artist – Derick Cich

Brad and Miala’s Clyde Iron Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

“If she’s amazing, she won’t be easy. If she’s easy, she won’t be amazing. If she’s worth it, you won’t give up. If you give up, you’re not worthy. … Truth is, everybody is going to hurt you; you just gotta find the ones worth suffering for.” -Bob Marley

Brad decided that Miala’s worth it and proposed at Christmas in front of the entire family. They got married at Clyde Iron with the largest bridal party I’ve ever seen and the party rocked well into the night until closing time. Congrats to Brad and Miala #ItsHammondTime!

If only the Fireball could talk at House Hammond.

Dad, you walk beside me every day.

Carpe Diem

The first look on a foggy day in Canal Park.

Opie didn’t have a clue what was going on, but he was certainly happy to be there.

I pick you for the rest of my life.


Hot AF.

Wow, that’s a large bridal party.

My humans are getting married.

The speeches at Clyde Iron.

Pro Sound and Light Show kicked it into high gear for the dance.

Venue – Clyde Iron Works
Entertainment – Pro Sound and Light Show

Daniel and Grace’s Great Lakes Aquarium Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

“Can I be your fixing guy forever?”
“Open it!” he said.
“Are you?…” She stammered.
“EEEEP! Yes!”

Every love story is as unique as each couple. Daniel and Grace met through Daniel’s sister. As Grace spent more or more time with Cassie, she also got the opportunity to spend time with Daniel. Slowly the awkward small talk gave way to walks and then official dates. Everyone was thrilled except the cat whole protested in ways only cats can. Gradually, the cat warmed to Daniel, and it was official.

Daniel and Grace were married at the Great Lakes Aquarium in Duluth, where Grace had the opportunity to intern before her Ph.D. The aquarium was the perfect backdrop for this eclectic and creative couple. I wish you two all the best and many years of fixing together.

Grace spent countless hours beading her entire bouquet and her bridal jewelry.

Grace’s finishing touches.

Admiral Phineas, the cat, is an excellent supervisor.

The first look in Canal Park.


“Love is all-pervading. It penetrates everywhere and it is unitary. It is one.” -Tagore.

The calm after the storm.

“Love never decays. It is ever full, eternal, one, pure, undefinable, all-pervading.” -Tagore

Chocolate AND Cupcakes

The first dances.

Grandparents can easily outclass every twenty-something on the dance floor.

There are many fish in the sea/aquarium, and they are all watching Grace and Daniel.

Venue – Great Lakes Aquarium
Hair – Adeline Inc
Catering – Duluth Grill
Cake – How Sweet It Is
Chocolate – L’apothicaire Chocolat
Entertainment – Pro Sound and Light Show

Justin and Andi Clearwater Grille Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

It wasn’t love at first sight, not be a long shot. In fact, Andi thought Justin was an arrogant a-hole. It took a while, but he eventually wore her down in the breakroom at work. On their first date, she wondered if he would be the man of her dreams or her killer. Love makes us do strange things, and fortunately for her, it was the second option. The two were married at Leif Erikson Park by Justin’s step-father in a somewhat irreverent ceremony that fit Justin and Andi to a T.

Justin’s ring has a dinosaur bone inlay. DINOSAUR BONE!

Justin was going to be the man of her dreams or her killer. Fortunately for Andi, it was the first option.

Andi would skin-up her knees as a child so she wouldn’t have to wear dresses. She placed band-aids under her wedding dress as a fun reminder.

The Wedding Party ready to party.

Maybe it should have said STARTING LINE instead of FINISH LINE.

Clearwater Grille at Sunset

Mr. and Mrs.

It turns out Justin’s not quite the a-hole Andi first thought. Love makes us do strange things.

Venue – Leif Erikson Park
Reception – Clearwater Grille
Catering and Cake – Red Swan Catering
Justin’s Ring – Manly Bands