John and Sheila’s Lake Superior Wedding

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John and Sheila love the active outdoor lifestyle, so it’s only fitting they shared a destination wedding within earshot of Lake Superior’s crashing waves. It was an intimate outdoor wedding ceremony at Lutsen Resort in Tofte with their closest friends and family. And later in the week, they will be hosting a larger reception closer to home for everyone to share in their love.

May you two always walk hand in had whenever your journey leads and continue living, learning, laughing and loving together forever.


John and Sheila's wedding details.

Lutsen Resort on Lake Superior.

John and Sheila getting ready.

Getting ready.

John and Sheila's first look.

John and Sheila’s first look on the covered bridge.

John and Sheila

Waiting out the drizzle!

Photos of John and Sheila.

All smiles.

John and Sheila on the beach.

John and Sheila walking along the great Gitche Gumee.

Bridal party photos.

The wedding party.

The wedding ceremony.

John and Shelia’s ceremony overlooking Lake Superior.

Venue – Lutsen Resort
Officiant – Rev. Timothy Young

Eric and Sara’s Woodsy and Whimsical Hartley Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Sara knows the exact moment she and Eric met in person for the first time. It was on June 22, 2017, at 6 PM, their first date at 7 West Taphouse. After that first beer, the pair strolled around Canal Park near where Eric would eventually propose. Fast forward to that fateful Saturday when Eric popped the question. As Sara explains it he “lured” her back to Canal Park near the Aerial Lift Bride right in front of the Maritime Museum’s live webcam. He had a prepared speech but got nervous and had to “cut to the chase” as Sara puts it. He got down on one knee as loved ones watched online. Now that’s a man with a plan!

Eric and Sara wed in the amphitheater at Hartley Nature Center near where the two would hike while dating. The ceremony was intimate and led their dear friend Matt. It was a genuine wedding worship service surrounded by tall pines and nature.

During one of their many walks, the lovebirds happened upon an older couple that shared the following advice. It is so simple yet can take a lifetime to master. I hope one day you two have the opportunity to share it with another young couple.

Their advice was as follows:

1) Be aware of your baggage. Everyone brings some into the relationship. Be open and honest about it.

2) Be prepared for landmines. Neither of you will see them coming before they blow up, but they’re there and you’re going to have to deal with them.

3) Always keep date night, even if it’s just a Saturday evening on the back porch.

4) And if you’re angry and not talking during that Saturday night on the porch, bring a bottle of wine. It can sometimes be the best marriage counselor.

We were barely a couple yet, and these two saw something in us we had yet to see. We feel honored by their wisdom and wanted to share their words with you today. We certainly won’t forget them. Remember to listen to wisdom wherever it finds you. Thanks for sharing today with us!

Sara's wedding dress and rings.

Sara’s gorgeous details! She’s going to look stunning in that dress.

Sara putting make-up on.

Sara’s almost ready.

Sara putting on her wedding dress.

Sara putting on the final touches in the Yurt at Hartley Nature Center.

Sara and Eric at Hartley.

Sara and Eric’s first look.

Eric and Sara's wedding photos.

Hartley is the perfect backdrop for a woodsy and whimsical wedding.

Eric and Sara on the boardwalk and Hartley Nature Center in Duluth, MN.

Hand in hand, forever and always.

Sara and Eric at Hartley.

Gorgeous flowers!

Eric and Sara's wedding ceremony.

Woodsy, Whimsical, Intimate

Eric and Sara at Scholastica.


Wedding details at St. Scholastica

THE PIES, oh the homemade pies were fantastic.

The first dances.

Sara’s first dances with Eric and her father.

Sara and Eric and night in front of Tower Hall.

Sara showing off for her man!

Venue – Hartley Nature Center
Reception – St. Scholastica

Jon and Kelli’s Glensheen Tent Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

What began as a fateful first date at Eat Street Cafe in Minneapolis continued at Glensheen Mansion in Duluth and will endure for many years to come. Jon and Kelli exchanged vows one day short of Jon’s parents’ wedding anniversary. I’m confident they could share a few marriage pointers.

The day was hot and smokey. There wasn’t a cloud in the sky, but Canadian wildfire haze obscured the horizon over Lake Superior. That is until moments before the ceremony when the wind shifted, and the fresh air revealed blue sky. The nuptials overlooking Lake Superior and Tischer Creek was short and sweet, and everyone was relieved for the breeze.

A family-style dinner catered by Duluth Grill was served. And then for some inexplicable reason an inflatable shark appeared, apparently it’s a bridal party tradition with Jon’s family for sharks to join the festivities. Either way I’m all for the traditional traditions and the not so traditional tradition.

Jon and Kelli, thank you so much for having us at your wedding and may you two bring each other much joy and happiness.

Wedding details at Glensheen Mansion.

Glensheen Mansion on a smokey summer day. Candain wildfires obscure the horizon on Lake Superior.

Wedding details.

Wedding details by Northland Special Events and Fleurtation.

Getting ready photos.

The ladies are getting ready in the Gardener’s Cottage at Glensheen.

The first glance.

Jon and Kelli’s first look in the Formal Gardens.

Jon and Kelli

Jon and Kelli

Photos of Jon and Kelli.

Doesn’t she look GORGEOUS??!!

Jon and Kelli's details.

Wedding details including MN socks.

Jon and Kelli walking down the aisle.

The long march down the aisle.

The vows.

I, Kelli, choose you Jon to be my forever best friend and husband.

Jon and Kelli dance on the stone arch bridge at Glensheen Mansion. '

Jon and Kelli dance on the stone arch bridge over Tischer Creek.

Jon and Kelli on the pier.

As the evening progressed the winds shifted and cleared the smoke-filled skies.

Jon and Kelli at Glensheen.

Enough photos, it’s time to party.

Social hour.

Cocktail hour.

The first dances.

Jon and Kelli’s first dances.

Wedding dance photos

An inflatable shark is a staple at Reifschneider weddings!

Venue – Glensheen Historic Mansion
Decor – Northland Special Events
Flowers – Fleurtation
Entertainment – Sounds Unlimited
Catering – Duluth Grill
Dress – Posh Bridal

Jacob and Kimberly’s Larsmont Cottages Wedding

City: Two Harbors, MN Venue:

Jacob and Kimberly’s didn’t mind the wet and foggy weather at their wedding and even embraced it. If rain on your wedding day is good luck, then these two are set for a long time. They had planned an outdoor ceremony at Larsmont Cottages on Lake Superior, and these two rolled with the punches when we forced indoors. Before the final decision was made to move inside, I asked Kimberly if they still wanted to do her first look at Stoney Point and she boldly replied– “We’ve got umbrellas.” YES! That’s the attitude that makes for great photos!

Despite the rain, their day was filled with love and laughter, and plenty of unique details including a traditional Danish wedding cake called a Kransekage made by Jacob’s grandmother, and a ring box made Kimberly’s mom. In the end, it’s the little details, and the love shared between two people and two families that make the day, not the weather.

Thank you two for sharing your wet and wonderful day with us!

Wedding details.

A few details and a handmade ring box made by Kimberly’s mom.

Kimberly and the ladies getting ready.

The Ladies and Kimberly getting ready.

Kimberly's jewelry.

Bridal details and something blue.

Jacob and Kimberly's first glance.

The first look at Stoney Point.

Jacob and Kimberly at Stoney Point.

Wet feet? No Problem.

Jacob and Kimberly at Stoney Point.

You are my sunshine even when the sun is not shining.

Jacob and Kimberly find a "Kindness Rock."

#kindnessrockproject Look it up, what a perfect find!

Jacob and Kimberly exchange vows.

The “I Do’s”

Jacob and Kimberly on the rocks by Lake Superior.

Believe it, or not the clouds were breaking and blue sky appeared shortly after sunset.

The wedding cake and details.

Jacob’s grandma made a traditional Danish wedding cake called a Kransekage. Yes, I had to look up the spelling :).

The Best Man and Maid of Honor speeches at Jacob and Kimberly's wedding.

While everyone is giving speeches, Grandma is stealing the show.

Photos of Jacob and Kimberly's first dance.

The first dances.

Venue – Larsmont Cottages
Catering – Ledge Rock Grille at Larsmont Cottages

Sam and Ashley’s Summer Garden Wedding

City: Cloquet, MN Venue:

Sam and Ashley met on Tinder and have been together since the summer of 2015. After a few months of long distance dating, Sam was offered an opportunity in California to join a new music technology startup in the initial stage. Rather than breaking things off with Ashley, he suggested she take a road trip with him to Cali, “just for fun.” Two weeks later, their car was packed and ready to go and after a romantic trip to the grand canyon, they both knew they were going to spend the rest of their lives together.

Their wedding took place at Sam’s parents’ cabin outside of Cloquet, MN. It was a beautiful day celebrating the love these two have for each other making it clear to see that they were always #meanttobeMcKINNEY.

Coordinator – Northland Special Events
Entertainment – Ghost Note
Flowers – Fleurtation
Venue – Mckinney Family Cabin
Catering – Log Home Wood Fired Pizza
Catering – Hanabi Sushi Restaurant
Catering – The Rambler
Cake – Nothing Bundt Cake
Tent – Lefty’s Tent and Party Rental
Decor – London Road Party Express
Decor – Northland Special Events
Rentals – Lake Shore Ice
Rentals – Aardvark Sanitation
Entertainment – Sound Central Services
Dress – Cocomelody