Ben and Alison’s Surprise Proposal and Engagement Photos

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Guys are the best and worst planners ever. Ben knew years ago that Alison was the one and it was only a matter of time until it was official with an engagement ring. On the other hand, he inquired less than 24 hours before proposing if it was possible to capture the moment on camera. After a flurry of covert texts and emails, it was settled and everyone was in position. Alison knew something was up and had her suspicions but still couldn’t hold back the tears when Ben got down on one knee. After the excitement and flood of emotions, we walked around Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota for a few photos to celebrate the occasion. Ben summed it up best with the quote below:

“I knew since the day I met you that you were the one, my love for you is growing stronger every day and there was never a doubt in my mind that this day would come. Slightly surprised she said YES and signed up to deal with me forever and ever but I’ll take it 😁❤️

Je t’aime Alison!”

Ben proposing marriage to Alison.

She said YES!

Alison shows of her new engagement ring.

Alison still has tears in her eyes.

Ben and Alison + Maya.

Maya, the Golden Retriever, apparently had more exciting things on her mind than Mom and Daddy getting hitched.

Engagement photo with Maya.

Maya thought it was going to be an ordinary walk in Canal Park.

Photos of Alison and Ben by Lake Superior.

It was MUCH icier in that location than expected. We all survived. 🙂

Engagement photos of Ben and Alison.

A boy from the French Alps meets a girl from Minnesota . . . . . .

Engagement photos with Maya the Golden Retriever.

Maya asks “Will you marry my daddy?”

Maya and Alison's engagement ring.

Maya is trying her best to understand what the heck is going on. She was a champ.

Engagement pics of Ben and Alison.

Alison has the cutest nose wrinkle!

Ben and Alison having a beer.

Pints at Hoops Brewing in Canal Park.

Ben and Alison at sunset.

Je t’aime.

Chris and Lindsay Clyde Iron Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Chris and Lindsay shared their wedding day with guests from all over the world. It was a stunning day filled with sparkly silver chairs, blue uplighting, and snowflake gobo lights on the floor. It felt like a winter wonderland inside Clyde Iron Works while it was dreary and windy day outside in Duluth, MN. I am so delighted for Chris and Lindsay to continue their lives together as husband and wife. Congratulations!

Chris and Lindsay's wedding decor.

Clyde Iron Works in all its splendor.

Chris and Lindsay before the wedding ceremony.

Getting ready.

Chris looking though his photo album.

Lindsay gave Chris a photo album of all their travels.

Chris and Lindsays' first look before the ceremony.

The first look at Clyde Iron.

Chris and Lindsay's bridal party.

Bottoms up.

Portraits of Chris and Lindsay.


Photos of Lindsay's bridal details; hair, flowers, shawl.

Check out that fantastic bridal bouquet by Superior Blooms.

Wedding portraits of Lindsay and Chris.

Clyde had just put up a giant Christmas tree the day before Chris and Lindsay’s wedding.

Chris and Lindsay's wedding ceremony.

Here comes the bride.

Chris and Lindsay's wedding details.

Drunk in Love.

Chris and Lindsay's wedding reception.

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is my pleasure to introduce to you for the very first time, as husband and wife, Chris and Lindsay!

First dance photos.

Chris and Lindsay’s first dance.

Photos of Chris and Lindsay's first dance.

The first dances with dad and mom are the sweetest.

Venue – Clyde Iron Works
Event Lighting – Duluth Event Lighting
Flowers – Superior Blooms
Coordiantor – Northland Special Events
Decor – Northland Special Events
Entertainment – Sounds Unlimited
Desserts – Twisted Pastries

Geoff and Eling’s Gunflint Lodge Elopement

City: Grand Marais, MN Venue:

Geoff and Eling’s love story started with a few enduring text messages, followed by a three-hour phone conversation and a six-hour first date. By the second date, both of them realized that this was something special that neither one had experienced before. They became inseparable. Less than a year later Geoff proposed at Interstate Park in WI overlooking the St. Croix river. When the moment was right, Geoff got down on one knee and presented her with a little blue box tied with a white ribbon. He was so excited about the whole thing that he almost forgot to ask her the magic words. Once he asked for her hand in marriage, her answer was YES!

Eling wanted snow on their wedding day, and she got it, along with a bitter Canadian wind. Inside, the fireplace warmed our hands and hearts as Geoff and Eling exchanged vows. They almost eloped but instead choose to invite their closest family and friends to unplug and unwind in the great North Woods.

Eling's wedding dress.

Better Together

Geoff and Eling Getting ready.

“By the 2nd date, both of them realized that this was something special that neither one had experienced before. They became inseparable.”

Geoff and Eling's first look.

Eling wanted snow for her wedding, and she got it!

Photos of Geoff and Eling in the snow.

Geoff and Eling described their wedding as Unconditional Love, Fellowship, and Unplugged.

Geoff and Eling in the snow at Gunflint Lake.


Photos of Geoff and Eling in the snow.

“When the moment was right Geoff got down on one knee and presented her with a little blue box tied with a white ribbon. He was so excited about the whole thing that he almost forgot to ask her the magic words.”

Geoff and Eling's wedding ceremony.

“Once he asked for her hand in marriage her answer was YES!”

Venue – Gunflint Lodge/a>
Officiant –
Marry me in Duluth

Alex and Abi Greysolon Ballroom Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

This love story starts in high school, that’s right, high school sweethearts. Alex and Abi needed dates to prom and connected through a mutual friend. They both ended up having a great time together and have been inseparable since that night. The two exchanged vows at Greysolon Ballroom in Duluth just a few short blocks away from where Alex proposed at the Portland Malt Shoppe. I’m so happy for you two and thrilled to have been a part of your big day. Congrats.

Abi's bridal accessories.

Alex and Abi exchanged cologne and perfume as wedding gifts.

Abi and the bridesmaids before the wedding.

Abi and the ladies getting ready in The Bridal Suite at Greysolon Ballroom.

Alex and the groomsmen before the wedding.

Alex and the gentlemen getting ready next door to the ladies at Greysolon. They had a strict no peaking directive.

Alex and Abi's first look.

Abi needed an entourage to hold up her wedding dress before the first look.

Alex and Abi

Alex and Abi

Abi's wedding bouquet and Alex's boutonniere.

The colors in Abi’s bouquet perfectly compliment Alex’s blue suit.

Wedding portraits of Abi and Alex.

Abi and Alex with Greysolon Plaza in the background.

Portraits of Abi.

One, two, or three? Or maybe all three!

The bridal party.

The bridal party.

The wedding ceremony at Greysolon.

Alex and Abi’s wedding ceremony at Greysolon Ballroom.

Photos of wedding reception decor.

Snazzy Cakes and smoking martinis.

Abi and Alex's first dances.

Alex and Abi ‘s and first dances.

Venue – Greysolon Ballroom
Menswear – Mainstream Fashions for Men
Dessert – Snazzy Cakes
Entertainment – Ben Mork
Officiant – John Hartwick

Jake and Molly’s Corktown Wedding

City: Detroit, MI Venue: ,

In December of 2014, Jake and Molly attended the Christmas themed Sigma Chi “rooms party.” Molly was talked into the eventful night by her sorority sister, Kathryn, and did not regret it. Jacob is an alumnus of Sigma Chi that was reliving the good ol’ days for the night. The two met over a competitive game of flip cup and quickly parted ways. Molly was drawn to the dimpled faced, santa hatted, 80’s red blazered gentlemen. Throughout the night Molly’s sorority sister and Jake’s fraternity brothers devised a plan to get the two together. They decided to meet for dinner at Sidetrack’s in Ypsilanti, MI. They sat at the window seat on a snowy night and quickly became best friends.

Since 2014 the two have traveled to many places together. Some of there favorite places have been Hawaii, Niagara Falls, D.C., Seattle, and their all-time favorite Frankenmuth! Fun Fact: Jake proposed to Molly on Easter in Frankenmuth on “their” bridge.

Jake and Molly tied the knot with traditional Irish Hand Fasting at Most Holy Trinity Church in Corktown which is one of the oldest churches in Detroit. It’s only fitting that their honeymoon was traveling Ireland.

I’m so excited for you two and thankful to be a part of your big day.


Molly's bridal accessories.

Molly’s bridal details.

Molly and the ladies before the wedding.

The ladies help Molly with her finishing touches.

Jake and Molly's wedding details.

Thug Wife.

Jake the boys getting ready.

Jake and the “Gentlemen.”

Jake and Molly ride to the church.

Jake was not allowed to see Molly before the wedding.

Photos of the church where Jake and Molly got married.

Most Holy Trinity Church in Corktown is one of the oldest churches in Detroit.

Jake and Molly wedding ceremony.

Jake and Molly truly tied the knot with traditional Irish Hand Fasting.

Jake and Molly's photos at Detroit Institute of Art.


Jake and Molly's wedding party.

The wedding party knows how to party.

Jake and Molly outside the Detroit Public Library.

Detroit is a beautiful city with beautiful people.

Jake and Molly inside the Detroit Public Library.

We made a brief detour to view the architecture inside the Detroit Public Library.

Jake and Molly relaxing before the reception.

Lady in Red.

Jake and Molly cutting the pies.

Pies and Donuts > Cake every time.

Jake dances with Molly and Mrs. King.

Jake dances with the new Mrs. King and the OG Mrs. King.

Molly's first dances.

Molly’s first dances with her brothers.

Jake and Molly on the dance floor.

There are two things I learned about Michigan weddings, first is AC/DC’s Thunderstruck is an excuse to drink, and The Village People’s YMCA is an excuse for the groomsmen to undress after said drinks.

Ceremony – Most Holy Trinity Church
Reception – Silver Shores
Transportation – Tecumseh Trolley
Hotel – Best Western Greenfield Inn
Salon – Barry N Company
Menswear – American Commodore of Ohio
Aerial Photography – Kastle Kreative
Pies – Achatz Handmade Pie Co.
Cider and Donuts – Blake’s Orchard & Cider Mill
Photo Booth – TJ Monte Productions
Uplighting – Sly Dog Productions
MC – Patrick Cymbalski
Soloist – Joshua King