Holly and Dave’s Wedding

City: Lutsen, MN Venue:

It was a Modern Northwoods Party COVID style. There was never any doubt the day would come even if the plan was to change the plan every other day. Whatever the challenge, Holly and Dave made it happen and safely celebrated with their family and friends at Lutsen Resort.

“Thirty years of hoping, wondering, peering out over the vast sea of people. Thinking, who? When?

It was worth every year. I will never forget the day I met you, what we wore, where we were, the way I felt that night. I will never forget how you made me feel— whole. You filled every doubt, every concern; you filled my heart with love, with confidence, and courage.” – Dave

“Unlike my favorite pieces of literature, where the entire novel builds tension based on the question of whether the love interests will finally be together, there was never any doubt about whether we’d spend our lives together.” -Holly

Wedding Details

The chairs are set, flower arranged, dress steamed- every detail complete. Perfection.

Bridal Suite

Mimosas make every morning better.

First Look

The Red Covered Bridge over the Poplar River is one of the most romantic spots in Northern Minnesota.

Bride and Groom

“No matter where our story leads us, I will love you unconditionally for my entire life and into the next life.” – Holly

Bride and Groom

It’s impossible to fake that smile.

Bride and Groom

Dave and Holly

Bridal Party

Remember Gangnam Style?! Now it’s COVID Style.

Bride and Groom

“You’ve supported me in so many ways- always encouraging me to take the next big leap. I will always do the same for you.” -Dave

Wedding Ceremony


Wedding Reception Decorations

Snazzy Cakes always delivers.

Wedding Reception

The first dances at Lutsen Resort.

Bride and Groom

It’s OK to get the wedding dress a little wet and dirty.

Venue – Lutsen Resort
Event Planner – Northland Special Events
Videographer – Life With Vigor
Hair and Makeup – 139 Hair by Heidi
Hair and Makeup – Hair by Jessica Daley
Hair and Makeup – Makeup by Aleesha
Wedding Dress – The White Room
Entertainment – Gordon Thorne
Flowers – Iron Violets Design Studio
Officiant – Jen Chamberlain
Rings – Robert Foote Jeweler
Cake – Snazzy Cakes
Stationary – Design That Flies

Nate and Ally’s Winter Engagement Pics

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Nate and Ally first met online, but Nate decided it wasn’t a fit, so he deleted her. Then Ally accidentally “super-liked” him instead of swiping the other way. A year-and-a-half later, that one small “accident” snowballed into a proposal at Ally’s family cabin. While at the lake, Jax, the Yellow Lab ran from the cabin with a yellow bandana that said, “will you marry my dad,” and that’s when Nate got down on one knee. Both families watched for afar and afterward, Maverick, Nate’s second dog, came down with another bandana saying, “she said yes!”

Amity Creek is still flowing.

Nate and Alley

Ice and Diamonds. Alley’s warm ring melted the ice just enough to get a bit stuck when it refroze.

Jax’s humans are getting married. It only took a hundred photos for Jax to look at the camera. He was more interested in the buried sticks.

“I have a secret.”

The Olde Farmhouse.

Andrew and Joanna’s Loring Social Wedding

City: Minneapolis, MN Venue:

It would be hard to find a groom that smiled more than Andrew. So many times throughout the day, even when no one was looking, I would catch him smiling. Under his breath, he would say, “I’m so happy,” like a giggling schoolboy on the best day of his life.

The newlyweds blended traditional Chinese elements into their modern American wedding. First, the bridesmaids made Andrew prove his worth with door games that left a groomsman with significantly less leg hair. Next, Andrew and Joanna, in her stunning red dress, served tea to the elders. In turn, they received red and gold envelopes. Afterward, Joanna changed into an equally impressive white wedding dress, and the evening progressed with a ceremony and dinner that would make any foodie jealous.

In addition to their traditional vows, Andrew and Joanna wrote vows for each other. Andrew now owes Joanna, another dog. Clever, but Speedy may not be on board with your new promises.

Joanna’s details.

The ladies.

The red dress.

Blossom Studio Minneapolis created Joanna’s stunning floral arraignment.

Before entering the venue, Andrew had to prove his worth and love for Joanna with traditional wedding door games.

Andrew and Joanna served tea to the elders.

Andrew and Joanna

The white dress.

Andrew and Joanna’s first look in her white dress.


The ladies did their best to look warm; it was a wind tunnel in the alley.

In addition to their traditional vows, Andrew and Joanna wrote vows for each other. Andrew now owes Joanna another dog.

Cut the cake.

The first dances at Loring Social.

Venue – Loring Social
Coordinator – Blush & Whim
Catering and Cake – D’Amico Catering
MC – Bill Hermann
Beauty – LHN Beauty
Floral – Blossom Studio Minneapolis

Dave and Holly’s Engagement Photos

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Holly decided the day she met Dave that he was The One. Four years later, they are planning a modern Northwoods party, and I am so excited to be joining them next summer at Lutsen Resort on the North Shore of Lake Superior. It’s going to be a day to remember.

When did you know you wanted to spend the rest of your life with Dave?
Holly: “The day I met him!”

Dave and Holly scored the last of the peak fall colors at Bagley Nature Area.

Dave confessed to sometimes walking off the previous night at Bagley during his tenure at UMD. Years later, it would be with the love of his life.

Dave and Holly

Those lashes.

Seven Bridges Road and Brighton Beach

Andrew and Joanna’s Engagement Pictures

City: Minneapolis, MN

Andrew was a high school acquaintance that sat behind Joanna in Honor Pre-Calculus, but it wasn’t until a few years later that a real relationship started. They started flirting via AIM after Andrew got rid of his comb-over hairstyle and dorky glasses. Just think of the last time you chatted with someone via AIM, that is how long they’ve been together. And in less than two weeks, they are starting a new chapter together as husband and wife.

Andrew and Joanna started flirting on AIM, that is how long they’ve been together.

May the Forth be with You. Andrew proposed on May 4th!


Fall colors in MN are the best!

Andrew and Joanna

Joanna created the CAD design for her engagement ring.