Clyde Iron Works is one of Minnesota’s premier all-in-one wedding venue. Being one of the largest venues in Duluth, it receives plenty of traffic, and it’s one of my personal favorites. Inquire early because prime wedding dates are sure to book up.

Northwestern Manufacturing, what would eventually become Clyde Iron Works, was a prominent manufacturer of heavy machinery during WWI and WWII. It produced hoists and derricks for the Army. The building served as a manufacturing hub for more than one hundred years until the doors shuttered in 2002. Soon after a local businessman, Alessandro Giuliani purchased the Lincoln Park site with dreams of revitalizing the industrial park. After a three-year renovation, the former steel foundry was transformed into a 30,000+ square foot space gathering space. The restaurant, bar, and event center opened its doors in 2010.

Because of its factory origin, Clyde has a modern, industrial feel with tall ceilings, exposed brick, and well-worn wooden floors. Scars from the past can be seen throughout the facility and add to its unique character. I recommend uplighting or downlighting for all evening events to help bring out those dramatic details. The building itself is in immaculate condition, and makes a perfect backdrop for first look photos, especially on Michigan Street.

Because of its accessible location, couples can select a wide range of possibilities for off-site wedding day photos. A visit to Canal and the lift bridge is always a good choice, as well as any of Duluth’s gorgeous parks. If time is tight, there are more than enough spots around the building.

Larger ceremonies are often downstairs, and the mezzanine makes for a perfect space for cocktail hour and yard games. The event center holds up to 600 people and has two balconies to use however you wish. It is an open, beautiful space with a modern feel and natural light––classic for a modern wedding ceremony.

Clyde also offers the perfect space for a reception, featuring stringed lights, a giant projector for slideshows, and a center table for the bridal party. On top of that, the dance floor can be adjusted as large or as small as you want to suit your boogie needs.

The food is excellent. Clyde Iron Works offer a delicious array of menu options, including wood-fired pizzas for a late night snack. You can select a buffet for more casual weddings or full table service for black-tie affairs. Alcoholic and non-alcoholic bar service is also available and an elevator is on site.

The whole event center is available for hosting, and you can bring your style to whatever event you may be putting on, whether it be an intimate gathering or a wedding reception. Their website offers a virtual tour so that anyone can check it out. They also have an online scheduling tool to make booking quick and straightforward.

I always love shooting weddings at Clyde Iron Works because of the excellent service and smooth flow. The event staff is experienced and helpful, and on-site parking is a breeze. Whether it be a wedding ceremony, reception, banquet, or party of any kind, Clyde Iron Works is always a solid choice.


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