Dustin and Kate’s Wedding at Greysolon Ballroom

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Wedding Photography at Greysolon Ballroom by Black Woods - Bryan Jonathan Weddings

Sometimes life gives you a second chance and great things can happen for those that take it. Dustin first caught Kate’s eye while she was waiting tables but the timing wasn’t right for either of them. She entered her number in his phone as “Kate The Great” and soon they both forgot about their chance encounter. Several years later Dustin and Kate met again. After swapping numbers Dustin discovered that he had already met “Kate The Great.” This time the pieces fell into place as they fell in love.

Dustin and Kate exchanged vows surrounded by family, friends, and a lively wedding party at the historic Greysolon Ballroom in Duluth, MN. Be sure to leave your well-wishes for the bride and groom in the comments at the bottom.


Venue – Greysolon Ballroom by Blackwoods
Entertainment – Sounds Unlimited

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