Eric and Sara’s Woodsy and Whimsical Hartley Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Sara knows the exact moment she and Eric met in person for the first time. It was on June 22, 2017, at 6 PM, their first date at 7 West Taphouse. After that first beer, the pair strolled around Canal Park near where Eric would eventually propose. Fast forward to that fateful Saturday when Eric popped the question. As Sara explains it he “lured” her back to Canal Park near the Aerial Lift Bride right in front of the Maritime Museum’s live webcam. He had a prepared speech but got nervous and had to “cut to the chase” as Sara puts it. He got down on one knee as loved ones watched online. Now that’s a man with a plan!

Eric and Sara wed in the amphitheater at Hartley Nature Center near where the two would hike while dating. The ceremony was intimate and led their dear friend Matt. It was a genuine wedding worship service surrounded by tall pines and nature.

During one of their many walks, the lovebirds happened upon an older couple that shared the following advice. It is so simple yet can take a lifetime to master. I hope one day you two have the opportunity to share it with another young couple.

Their advice was as follows:

1) Be aware of your baggage. Everyone brings some into the relationship. Be open and honest about it.

2) Be prepared for landmines. Neither of you will see them coming before they blow up, but they’re there and you’re going to have to deal with them.

3) Always keep date night, even if it’s just a Saturday evening on the back porch.

4) And if you’re angry and not talking during that Saturday night on the porch, bring a bottle of wine. It can sometimes be the best marriage counselor.

We were barely a couple yet, and these two saw something in us we had yet to see. We feel honored by their wisdom and wanted to share their words with you today. We certainly won’t forget them. Remember to listen to wisdom wherever it finds you. Thanks for sharing today with us!

Sara's wedding dress and rings.

Sara’s gorgeous details! She’s going to look stunning in that dress.

Sara putting make-up on.

Sara’s almost ready.

Sara putting on her wedding dress.

Sara putting on the final touches in the Yurt at Hartley Nature Center.

Sara and Eric at Hartley.

Sara and Eric’s first look.

Eric and Sara's wedding photos.

Hartley is the perfect backdrop for a woodsy and whimsical wedding.

Eric and Sara on the boardwalk and Hartley Nature Center in Duluth, MN.

Hand in hand, forever and always.

Sara and Eric at Hartley.

Gorgeous flowers!

Eric and Sara's wedding ceremony.

Woodsy, Whimsical, Intimate

Eric and Sara at Scholastica.


Wedding details at St. Scholastica

THE PIES, oh the homemade pies were fantastic.

The first dances.

Sara’s first dances with Eric and her father.

Sara and Eric and night in front of Tower Hall.

Sara showing off for her man!

Venue – Hartley Nature Center
Reception – St. Scholastica