Justin and Andi Clearwater Grille Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

It wasn’t love at first sight, not be a long shot. In fact, Andi thought Justin was an arrogant a-hole. It took a while, but he eventually wore her down in the breakroom at work. On their first date, she wondered if he would be the man of her dreams or her killer. Love makes us do strange things, and fortunately for her, it was the second option. The two were married at Leif Erikson Park by Justin’s step-father in a somewhat irreverent ceremony that fit Justin and Andi to a T.

Justin’s ring has a dinosaur bone inlay. DINOSAUR BONE!

Justin was going to be the man of her dreams or her killer. Fortunately for Andi, it was the first option.

Andi would skin-up her knees as a child so she wouldn’t have to wear dresses. She placed band-aids under her wedding dress as a fun reminder.

The Wedding Party ready to party.

Maybe it should have said STARTING LINE instead of FINISH LINE.

Clearwater Grille at Sunset

Mr. and Mrs.

It turns out Justin’s not quite the a-hole Andi first thought. Love makes us do strange things.

Venue – Leif Erikson Park
Reception – Clearwater Grille
Catering and Cake – Red Swan Catering
Justin’s Ring – Manly Bands

Derek and Emily’s Wedding Portraits

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Every first look is unique, but Derek and Emily hadn’t seen each other in months, so their first look was extra special. Emily was grinning from ear to ear as her handsome groom approached. When she turned around, it was clear she belonged in Derek’s arms from now until forever after. Thank you for including me in your day and letting me play with the swords. I now know to keep my greasy fingers off the blade. 🙂

That dress was clearly made just for Emily, gorgeous.

Derek and Emily hadn’t seen each other in months, so this was an extra special first look.

There is no place quite like Duluth.

A man in uniform with a sword is hard to resist.

Smiles all around.

Emily wore her grandma’s pearl earrings.

If I were a betting man, my money would be on Emily.