Chris and Katie’s Pier B Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Bride and groom portrait taken inside on wedding day.

Katie and I have have been friends for more than two decades, so her wedding was especially nerve-wracking. We met in high-school band twenty some years ago, and have been misadventuring (yes, that’s a word) ever since. I’ve been waiting to share these photos for awhile and am thrilled to post them.

Chris and Katie exchanged vows overlooking Lake Superior at Pier B resort in Duluth, MN. Chris’ father, Judge Walker, presided over the ceremony on an early fall day in September. There was a bit of wind off the lake and Katie could barely keep her flowing vail under control. There was also a legitimate concern that the elaborate flower wall and arbor made by Northland Special Events might blow over. Thankfully everything went smoothly, and we even got a horn salute from the 1000 foot Presque Isle as it sailed under the Aerial Lift Bridge.

Chris and Katie, I am so thankful for your enduring friendship and the privilege of knowing you two for the next twenty years. It was an honor to photograph your wedding.

Katie may be a bit biased, but that’s what friends are for. Her review and experience are below.

From The Bride’s Point of View.

Full disclosure, I’ve known Bryan since we were 15. Over the years I’ve watched his photography develop (sometimes literally!) from casual friend snapshots, covering high school life for the yearbook, taking stunning travel photos during college, filming videos for the local evening news, to taking phenomenal youth sports action shots for parents eager to memorialize their hockey prodigy. He has honed his skills with each of those thousands and thousands of photos.

But best of all has been watching his consistent connection to couples for their wedding. I’m outing him: Bryan has a romantic side that is beautifully suited to wedding photography. When I got engaged to Chris, there was no one else that we even thought about to take our wedding photos.

At the heart of Bryan’s photos are the emotions and feelings of the day. We look back at the photos he took at our wedding and each one brings back what we felt at that moment: be it joy, excitement, love, a quiet, intimate moment, or silliness. Bryan has the gift of capturing the moment while making you look your best. The lighting, his framing, his style all bring life to photos that are stunning to look at.

He puts you at ease. Most of us aren’t models, nor are we used to being photographed for hours at a time. He’s comfortable giving directions, “move your hand slightly to the left, chin up, now rotate, and there!” but also seeing what is natural for you. Everyone wants to look good in their photos, and he makes that happen; even if it occasionally means getting dirty or being a little adventurous to get the shot. He’s always ready to capture a spontaneous giggle or a heartfelt tear.

The photos look clean and natural, with modern poses that still evoke a classic, timeless feel. As you browse through his portfolio, even photos taken ten years ago continue to feel fresh.

Bryan will make all those detail decisions over which you agonized continue to live on. Remember when you debated garden roses vs. Gerber Daisies? Vanilla or chocolate cake? Your all-important shoe choice? That lace handkerchief that your great-grandmother had at her wedding? Bryan will capture those details long after the flowers have wilted, the cake has been eaten, and those shoes have been kicked off. The investment in his photos will pay dividends long after the big day.

While your wedding day may be the first (or second or more) time you’ve done it, Bryan has shot hundreds of weddings, and you can count on him to anticipate shots or to know when a unique moment is happening, ensuring he captures it. His focus throughout the years has been the people and special moments that weddings bring. You can see this passion in his work.

You have so many decisions, large and small, to make when planning a wedding. Choosing Bryan as your photographer is the easiest one.

Photos of the wedding party opening gifts and celebrating before the ceremony.

The Groom’s Dinner at Blackwoods in Duluth.

Ariel view photos of the outdoor wedding venue, and lift bridge.

Pier B made for a gorgeous venue.

Details of wedding day attire, including rings, shoes, and jewelry.

Outfit details.

Groom getting ready with groomsmen before the wedding.

Gearing up with the guys.

Bride getting ready photos, shots of dress getting fastened and hair getting done.

Finishing touches for Katie.

Bride and groom portraits outside on wedding day.

Chris and Katie!

Photos of the bride and groom's hands and feet, and details of the bride's veil.

Wedding day details.

Photos of the bride and groom outside on wedding day.

Lookin’ good on wedding day.

Photos of the wedding party and bride with wind swept veil.

Swept away by the wind!

Photos of the bride and groom and wedding party inside rustic venue.

Ready for Happily Ever After.

Photos of the outdoor ceremony with Lake Superior in the background.

Beautiful day for a cermony next to the lake- Katie walked her sassy self down the aisle!

The bride and groom walking down the aisle after saying, "I do."

Saying, “I do.”

Photos of the bride and groom outside in Duluth, MN, with Lake Superior in the background.

All smiles for this happy couple.

Photos of the wedding reception and dance.

Perfect end to the night.

Venue – Pier B
Wedding Coordinator – Northland Special Events
Flowers – Fleurtations by NSE
Entertainment – Sounds Unlimited
Rehearsal Dinner – Blackwoods Restaurant
Photobooth – Duluth Photo Booth
Videography – Kyle Hanson Photography
Nails – Pearl Nails and Spa
Make Up – Monica Lee Artistry
Hair – Uptown Hair Salon
Cake – The Exchange Bakery