Jenn and Eric’s Lester Park Winter Engagement

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Engagement photo at Lester Park in Duluth, MN.

Jenn and Eric were introduced by a mutual friend, who suggested they go on a date. They both agreed and decided on the Yard House in the West End. It was a dark, loud environment–not ideal for a first date, but they had a good time talking and getting to know each other nonetheless. After the date, they both left with a sparkless, listless feeling, even though they had both had a good time. A few more dates passed, and they still didn’t feel a spark, which is when both Jenn and Eric sought out their friends for advice. Eric’s friend gave him direct instructions to go out with her again, and Jenn’s friends asked her if she had fun with Eric, to which she replied yes. Her friend then replied with a simple, “well, keep hanging out until you’re not having fun anymore; it’s not like you need to marry him!” Oh the irony.

Eric proposed during the 12 Bars of Christmas pub crawl in downtown Minneapolis. This is one of Jenn’s favorite nights of they year, so she takes it very seriously by bringing bags of ugly Christmas sweater vests, hats, glasses, jewelry, mustaches and whatever they need to get dressed up ridiculously and have fun. The happy couple was at a friend’s house getting ready to go out for the evening when Eric came over and grabbed Jenn’s hand. He then proposed, which was a huge surprise to everyone, including Jenn. After the proposal, they went out with their friends and celebrated the whole night.

The engagement shoot took place at Lester Park in Duluth, MN. It was a beautiful winter day to capture this couple’s happiness. At one point, my foot stepped through the ice, getting my shoe all wet. This annoying mishap was redeemed when the couple sent me a brand new pair of socks and an endearing note. I had a great time with this lovely couple, congratulations Jenn and Eric!

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