Casey and Diana’s Moorish Room Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Casey and Diana’s officiant, wrote a special poem to celebrate their love and recite during the ceremony It goes something like this.

“Love Me Tinder” by Tyler

A boy who operates trains
And a girl who loves Norah Jones
Were seeking companionship
Using only their phones

Vigorous swiping occurred
So fast as to let a breeze in
For her, Just in “Case”
For him, He was looking for a good Kirzan

The two connected
As a result of impeccable game
What had started as a dry, flammable material used for lighting fire
Had ignited into a glorious orange flame

The attraction was pungent
Much like a sweet vermouth
A young love would blossom
And lead them to Duluth

Love me tinder
As far as the eye can see
And thus ends the story
Of how Casey for the D

Casey's wedding dress and flowers at Greysolon.

Daina’s wedding accessories.

Photos of Diana getting ready.


The first look.

Casey and Diana’s first look.

Portraits of Casey and Diana

Who wore it better, Casey or Diana?

Casey and Diana in the park.

“Love Me Tinder”

Casey and Diana's wedding ceremony.

Casey and Diana performed a love lock ceremony during the wedding, and the keys “magically” disappeared.

First dance and reception photos.

Casey and Diana’s first dances with each other and their parents.

Venue – Moorish Room
Entertainment – Sounds Unlimited
Photo Booth – Duluth Photo Booth
Dress – Bella Rose Bridal
Flowers – Saffron and Grey