Addam and Dawn’s Greysolon Moorish Room Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Bride and groom portrait outside in fall colors.

Addam and Dawn met for the first time in spring of 2013. Addam was working at the Dungeon’s End Game Store, which is where they first met. At the time, both Addam and Dawn were seeing other people. Dawn thought that he was nice, fun to talk to, funny, and cute, so she took his business card to keep in touch because she felt he was going to be important to her. A few months passed and they were both single, so Dawn contacted him and they started talking a lot. They officially started dating on October 22, 2013, so their wedding day is also their three year anniversary.

Addam tried to keep the plans of his proposal a secret, but he ended up asking Dawn to help pick out the ring, knowing her well enough to know that she likes certain styles and wanting to make sure she would be happy with the choice. After they had picked out the ring, Addam kept it for about a month, waiting for the perfect time to propose. One day when they were getting ready to go out for the day, Addam took Dawn’s hands into his and began saying very sweet, loving things. Dawn, in her excitement, blurted out, “Are you doing what I think you’re doing?!” Addam likes to joke that her little outburst ruined the moment because he immediately lost track of his speech and just handed her the ring. It was an honest and heartfelt proposal, and the outburst somehow made it all the sweeter.

This geeky couple decided to have their wedding at the Greysolon Moorish Room in Duluth, MN. The couple, both proud nerds, had Dr. Who themed wedding essentials, including an origami bouquet with all the Dr. Who characters on it for Dawn, and a matching boutonniere for Addam. Fandoms collided at this celebration of love, and the couple will happily be together forever through time and space.

Venue – Greysolon Moorish Room
DJ – Aaron at Pro Sound & Light Show
Officiant – Aaron at Pro Sound & Light Show
Uplighting – Pro Sound & Light Show