Scott and Rita’s Enger Tower Destination Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Scott and Rita’s summer wedding celebration at Enger Tower in Duluth was a day that was just about them. This wonderful couple, who happened to meet through an on-line dating site, are a perfect match for each other. They met in person two years ago, and quickly discovered a shared love for many of the same interests and activities. Right from the start, these two knew that they were meant to be together.

Scott proposed to the love of his life on a cold day in Minneapolis. They were supposed to be meeting friends at a favorite brewery, and Rita was a bit confused when they parked so far away from their destination. With the ‘Big Spoon’ and the Walker Art Museum in the background, he got down on one knee and received an excited “Yes!” from Rita. They celebrated for the whole weekend with a downtown adventure, just the two of them.

Their next big adventure began on a beautiful summer day in Duluth, Minnesota. The quiet family ceremony at Enger Tower was simple and romantic. Only the couple’s closest family were in attendance, and it was such a wonderful and special event. The bride was lovely in her unique blue dress, and the groom never took his eyes off his beloved. The day was truly only about them and their love and commitment to each other.

There is always a little extra magic in a Duluth destination wedding, and this bride and groom enjoyed every moment of it. The gorgeous weather couldn’t have been better. The fantastic gardens and foliage added a special feel to the outdoor nuptials, making Enger Tower the perfect spot for their intimate celebration. The amazing views of Lake Superior are truly breathtaking from this location, and there is no better place for a quiet wedding in Duluth.

I am so proud to call this beautiful city home. I was very happy to share it with yet another great couple. Cheers to Scott and Rita! Here’s to many adventures and amazing destinations!

Duluth Destination Wedding at Enger Tower

Something old, something new, a beautiful bouquet, and shoes in blue.

Duluth Destination Wedding at Enger Tower

Happiness and love on this special day in Duluth.

Duluth Destination Wedding at Enger Tower

We do!

Duluth Destination Wedding at Enger Tower

The magic of Enger Tower and summer in Duluth made for the perfect destination wedding.