Matt and Helen Aster Cafe Wedding

City: Minneapolis, MN Venue:

Matt and Helen’s ceremony was officiated by Helen’s brother-in-law, he was ordained for just the occasion. The couple, surrounded by loved ones sitting in the round, exchanged vows under the Shasta Tent at Aster Cafe in beautiful Minneapolis. The entire city bustled around them, and yet the world stood still. No one else and nothing else mattered. Simple and joyful, everything a wedding should be.

Matt and Helen were surrounded by their guests in the round.

Dress shoes and dancing shoes!

Matt tied his own bowtie, impressive. No clip-ons here.

Matt and Helen’s first look on St. Anthony Main.

“I love you and I like you.”


Aster Cafe

Helen’s brother-in-law was ordained just for the occasion.

Champaign toast!

Taco bar, YES PLEASE!

Speeches in the Shasta Tent.

Matt and Helen’s first dance in the River Room.

Venue – Aster Cafe River Room