Erik and Hannah Sunrise Engagement

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Erik and Hannah met in the genetics lab at NDSU. Every day he would wait for his future bride just to hold the door open for her. On the last day of class, he asked for her number, and they have been happily together since. When they first began dating, Erik shared his passion for nature and growing trees. He told her about a particular old-growth forest in Northern Minnesota called the Lost Forty. The way he said it gave Hannah a suspicion that he would one day propose there. Erik finally brought her to the Lost Forty, and while walking the trail, stopped between a huge white pine and red pine, and before she knew it he was on one knee with a ring in his hand!

Erik and Hannah sunrise engagement pictures.

Lake Superior looks like the Arctic from above.

Hannah and Erik at Sunrise.

Sunrise on Lake Superior.

Erik and Hannah at Lester Park.

June 1, 2019, can’t come fast enough.

Sunrise engagement photos.

“When we were walking the trail, Erik stopped between a huge white pine and a red pine, and before I knew it he was on one knee with a ring in his hand!”

Erik and Hannah

There’s no place better than the arms of your best friend.

Erik and Hannah engagement photos.

Enough of all this romantic stuff, it’s time for breakfast. 🙂

Justin and Jonie Fall Engagement Pics

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Justin and Jonie were in town for a few days, and we visited Amity Creek in Lester Park for a lovely engagement session. It’s clear to see how much these two love each other even though it took Justin SEVEN YEARS to pop the question. I am so excited for you two and am glad she didn’t get away!

Justin and Jonie engagement pics at Lester Park.

Love at Amity Creek.

Justin and Jonie

Justin and Jonie

Justing and Jonie's engagement pics.

Look at the detail in that ring. #gorgeous

Justin and Jonie

“The Deeps” on Amity Creek.

Justin and Jonie in Lester Park.

Eskimo kisses are the best.

Justin and Jonie and Brighton Beach.

The sky cleared at sunset for our last stop at Brighton Beach

Diana and Casey’s Lester Park Engagement

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Photo of the engaged couple outside near water

Casey and Diana met online and have been together for three years. They’re set to get married one year from the day Casey proposed. For their summer engagement session, we headed to Lester Park where the sun was shining and the creek was roaring. It was a beautiful day to celebrate the love these two have for each other. Congratulations!

Photos of the engaged couple in nature.

Beautiful day to adventure in Lester Park.

Photos of the engaged couple outside on bridge.

Casey and Diana

Photos of the engaged couple outside in nature with river in background.

Sporting their matching tattoos.

Photos of the engaged couple by waterfall.

Enjoying the views of Amity Creek.

Photos of the ring and soon to be bride outside in nature.

Waiting for wedding day.

Kelsey and Claudia’s Duluth Engagement

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Fall engagement session at the beach in Duluth, MN.

Kelsey and Claudia met through mutual friends that they both knew from school and soccer. In January, they will have officially been together for seven years! They proposed to each other on a trip to the beach and the Portland Malt Shoppe. First, Claudia popped the question to Kelsey beside the shores of Lake Superior, and then they headed over to the malt shoppe where Kelsey had a special spoon prepared for Claudia to use. When the malt was gone and spoon licked clean, the phrase “Will you marry me?” appeared engraved on the metal of the spoon. And the rest is history.

Engagement session outside in fall colors, photos of engagement ring and matching equal sign tattoos.

Kelsey and Claudia sporting matching equality tattoos.

Engagement photos outside beside river.

Beside the river is always a good place to be.

Engagement session outside in fall colors, including photos of engagement rings.

Love that will last a lifetime.

Outdoors engagement session beside the river.

Out and about in the crisp fall weather.

Engagement photos at the Portland Malt Shoppe in Duluth, MN.

The Portland Malt Shoppe––where Kelsey proposed with a spoon that said, “Will you marry me?”

Engagement session beside Lake Superior in Duluth.

A gorgeous trip to the beach where Claudia proposed.

Engagement session beside the beach of Lake Superior.

A Lake Superior love story.

Jake and Kimberly’s Lester Park Engagement

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Engagement session photo outside with water in the background.

Jake and Kimberly met at a country music concert and started seeing each other shortly after. Fast forward a few years to Kim’s birthday weekend in Oceanside, California, and Jake is down on one knee beside the water asking Kim to marry him. Jake knew that he wanted to spend the rest of his life with her when he couldn’t imagine a day without seeing Kim. For engagement photos we spent the day exploring Amity Creek and Stoney Point,enjoying the gorgeous weather, and celebrating the love that these two obviously have for each other. Perfection.

Couple photos in wooded area, photos on stairs and on trail with green trees in background.

Jake and Kimberly as happy as can be.

Couple photos near waterfall, green trees in background.

Perfect day to celebrate love.

Couple photo in nature, green trees and trail in the background.

Lester Park Adventures.

Couple photos with nature and Lake Superior in the background.

Beautiful day at Stoney Point along Lake Superior.

Couple photos outside, including photos of shoes and the engagement ring in nature with water in background.

Jacob, Kim, and good old Gitche Gumee.