Ben and Alison’s Surprise Proposal and Engagement Photos

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Guys are the best and worst planners ever. Ben knew years ago that Alison was the one and it was only a matter of time until it was official with an engagement ring. On the other hand, he inquired less than 24 hours before proposing if it was possible to capture the moment on camera. After a flurry of covert texts and emails, it was settled and everyone was in position. Alison knew something was up and had her suspicions but still couldn’t hold back the tears when Ben got down on one knee. After the excitement and flood of emotions, we walked around Canal Park in Duluth, Minnesota for a few photos to celebrate the occasion. Ben summed it up best with the quote below:

“I knew since the day I met you that you were the one, my love for you is growing stronger every day and there was never a doubt in my mind that this day would come. Slightly surprised she said YES and signed up to deal with me forever and ever but I’ll take it 😁❤️

Je t’aime Alison!”

Ben proposing marriage to Alison.

She said YES!

Alison shows of her new engagement ring.

Alison still has tears in her eyes.

Ben and Alison + Maya.

Maya, the Golden Retriever, apparently had more exciting things on her mind than Mom and Daddy getting hitched.

Engagement photo with Maya.

Maya thought it was going to be an ordinary walk in Canal Park.

Photos of Alison and Ben by Lake Superior.

It was MUCH icier in that location than expected. We all survived. 🙂

Engagement photos of Ben and Alison.

A boy from the French Alps meets a girl from Minnesota . . . . . .

Engagement photos with Maya the Golden Retriever.

Maya asks “Will you marry my daddy?”

Maya and Alison's engagement ring.

Maya is trying her best to understand what the heck is going on. She was a champ.

Engagement pics of Ben and Alison.

Alison has the cutest nose wrinkle!

Ben and Alison having a beer.

Pints at Hoops Brewing in Canal Park.

Ben and Alison at sunset.

Je t’aime.

Chris and Lindsay’s Canal Park Winter Engagement

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Winter engagement session with snow and lift bridge in background.

Chris and Lindsay met nearly ten years ago, after they both graduated from the University of Minnesota. This intrepid couple has spent the last five years in Europe, where they have lived in both Ireland and London. They decided to return to Minnesota for their engagement session, as well as their wedding, and experience the beauty that Duluth has to offer in the winter.

Indoor engagement photos taken at Clyde Iron Works.

Chris and Lindsay sheltered from the cold at Clyde Iron Works.

Indoor engagement photos, couple holding hands and smiling.

All smiles!

Engagement photo taken outside with brick wall in the background.

Braving the cold, hand in hand.

Outdoor winter engagement photos with Lake, snow and lift bridge in the background.

Made the trek to the lift bridge!

Engagement photos taken outside with snow and Lake Superior in the background.

Enjoying the beauty of a Duluth winter.

Outdoor engagement session with snow and lift bridge in background.

Aerial lift bridge shenanigans.

Photos of the ring, scarves, and a silhouette shot of the happy couple with blue sky in background.

Details of the day.

Venue – Clyde Iron Works

Joel and Lauryn’s Canal Park Wedding

City: Duluth, MN Venue: ,

Bride and groom photo with lift bridge in background.

Joel and Lauryn met while both studying at the College of St. Scholastica. One fateful night, Lauryn’s roommate’s boyfriend was showing them around the bar scene and introducing them to some friends, one of which happened to be Joel. The two hit it off immediately and exchanged numbers that night. After a couple more friendly gatherings, Joel asked Lauryn out on an “official date,” and a few years after that, he popped the question at the Albuquerque Hot Air Balloon Fiesta, a gorgeous festival held in a place which is very dear to Lauryn. Perfection.

These lovebirds tied the knot on a blustery fall day at the Pilgrim Lutheran Church in Superior, WI. From there, they headed over to the DECC for a night of dancing, laughter, and celebration. Congratulations Joel and Lauryn, thanks for letting me be a part of your special day!

Photos of the lift bridge and wedding dress.

Duluth looking good for wedding day.

Photos of details of the wedding day, including shots of the rings, shoes, dress and more.

Wedding day details, including Lauryn’s grandpa’s pin in the bouquet, and a penny for luck, which Lauryn’s mom and sister also kept in their shoes for their own weddings.

Bride and her bridesmaids getting ready on wedding day.

Lauryn and her girls getting ready at a bed and breakfast on the point.

Bride gets dress fastened by bridesmaids.

Finishing makeup touches for Lauryn done by her old babysitter.

Groom getting ready for wedding day.

Joel preparing for the big day.

Bride and groom photos on the beach.

First look out on the shores of Superior.

Bride and groom photos next to the lift bridge and Lake Superior.

The bride and groom!

Bride and groom photos with the lift bridge and Lake Superior in background.

Braving the wind and waves with a smile.

Wedding party outside in the fall colors.

Wedding party photos taken behind St. Scholastica, the college both Lauryn and Joel attended.

Bride and groom outside in the fall colors.

Out exploring in the fall colors.

Photos of the wedding ceremony in the church; lighting of the candles.

The ceremony held at Pilgrim Lutheran Church.

Bride and groom outside in the tall grass.

Joel and Lauryn!

Photos of the reception, including name tags, desserts and table decorations.

Reception necesseties, complete with pies from the Rustic Inn.

Bride and groom cut the cake at the wedding reception; speeches and kissing included.

Let the festivities begin!

Bride and groom dance with their parents at the wedding reception.

First dances.

Bride and groom dancing with lift bridge in background.

Magical ending to the night.

Reception – DECC Harborside Ballroom
Ceremony – Pilgrim Lutheran Church
Entertainment – Pro Sound & Light Show
Dress – Allure Bridals
Dessert – Rustic Inn Cafe

Chris and Shayna’s Surprise Duluth Engagement

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

Engaged couple photo outside with plain background.

With sneaky plans in the works and an engagement ring in tow, Chris and Shayna headed to a Duluth for the weekend. What Shayna thought to be Chris’ birthday weekend quickly turned into something much more special– a weekend she would never forget. While strolling along the streets of Canal Park, Chris stooped down and popped the question. Her surprise was evident, but she, of course, said yes. Congratulations Chris and Shayna, and thanks for letting me capture your special moment!

Ashley and Jordan’s Canal Park Engagement

City: Duluth, MN Venue:

This summer engagement session in Canal Park was a lot of fun and full of sweet moments and memories. We captured some great pics of the awesome couple being tourists near the iconic Aerial Lift Bridge and Lake Superior. The weather was perfect on this sunny day in Duluth, MN, and a quick stop for ice cream cones was just what Ashley and Jordan needed. While they enjoyed the wonderful day and ate their ice cream, I was thinking about what a fantastic story they shared with me about how they came together.

Every once in a while, a couple has a proposal story that seems to be straight out of a romantic movie. The first date was supposed to be at a local bistro, but when Ashley and Jordan arrived it was closed. They headed somewhere else instead, and had an amazing time despite the change in plans. Six happy years later, Jordan planned his holiday engagement proposal. The evening was supposed to begin with dinner at another bistro. As fortune would have it, it was closed for the holidays! They decided to get some ice cream before finding a place for dinner, and then had an amazing meal surrounded by candlelight and holiday decorations.

With their bellies full and hearts merry, they headed out to look at the lights and enjoy the falling snow. In the heart of the local park, amidst the beautifully lit trees and frozen pond, stood a gorgeous gazebo. Jordan pulled Ashley to the center of the structure and said, “The last six years have been the most amazing years of my life, and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, too.” She accepted his ring, and couldn’t have asked for a more amazing proposal.

Their relationship had come full-circle through these events, and as I snapped photos of the happy couple with their cones on that gorgeous summer day in Canal Park, I realized that I felt nostalgic too. I have a feeling that they will have a life full of movie moments. I am looking forward to more of them at their Brule River Barn wedding with Northland Special Events.

Canal Park Engagement in Duluth

They were all smiles on this gorgeous day in Duluth.

Canal Park Engagement in Duluth

Special moments near the canal and Lake Superior.

Canal Park Engagement in Duluth

The iconic Aerial Lift Bridge is the perfect background for engagement pics!

Canal Park Engagement in Duluth

Love, on Park Point Beach.

Canal Park Engagement in Duluth

Remembering the proposal with ice cream and laughter.

Canal Park Engagement in Duluth

Enjoying the stroll around Canal Park.

Canal Park Engagement in Duluth

We’re engaged!